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    SIMPLY CODE is our solution to overcome proper method of OBC education shortage in Ontario.

    All educational institutions divide the code according to its contents i.e. Classifications, Health & Safety, Building Envelope, etc.

    But NO ONE explains how those divisions are connected, or how to apply the code in an architectural office environment on a real project! 

    We do! We explain OBC the way its been used in an architectural office by applying it to an architectural project. 

    No more solid tables, no more blank statement. Everything has an application and easy to understand when projected on the right example and placed in its right order.

    "OBC9" tacles a house design from a code perspective and how it relates to an architectural practice.

    A house design part 9 topics which include:

    1. Legal process

    2. Basic information of the project

    3. Appendix

    4. Classification

    5. Excavation

    6. Footing and Foundation, waterproofing, drainage

    7. Room size and height

    8. Windows and doors

    9. Stairs and guards, Exits

    10. Framing: Columns, Walls, Lintels, Floors, Roofs

    11. Masonry

    12. Barriers (Air, Vapour)

    13. Thermal (SB 12)

    14. Cladding

    15. Fire Separation and fire fighting

    16. Spatial separation

    17. Fire place and chimney

    18. Plumbing, Ventilation, HVAC, Elect. & Alarm

    19. SB1, SB3,SB7,SB12,

    20. Apply for building permit

    21. Apply for Alternative Solution

    22. Apply to BCC for ruling

    No previous knowledge of OBC is required for this workshop.


      Registration Desk opens at 8:00AM

      Complementary Coffee is available

      Workshop starts at 9:00AM

      30 minutes break at 10:30AM

      1 hour Lunch break at 12:30PM

      30 minutes break at 3:00PM

      1 hour general questions at 5:00PM


      WHEN: 2 months, every Saturday and Sunday. 8 hours a day starting March 17th 2018 till May 5th 2018.

      WHERE: WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 11th Floor
      Toronto, ON  M5J 2N8

      3 Minutes walking distance south of TTC Union Station


      For a full list of Terms & Conditions, please click here.

      Submitting your consent on-line (located here) is required prior to arrival at session. Please DO NOT show up to session without submitting, there may not be a seat or handout for you, you may also be asked to leave.

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