SECTION 3 PREP webinar has 7+ hours of ExAC recorded training that you can be accessed anytime and anywhere you like, to give all Intern Architects flexibility, and work/study balance.

SECTION 3 PREP includes the following:

  1. 1-year access to over 7 hours of the recorded webinars covering ExAC SECTION 3
  2. English speaking with a French subtitle
  3. SIMPLY ExAM® PDF materials for every section in both English and French language
  4. 1-year access to over 7 hours of recorded webinars covering all ExAC SECTION 3
  5. Homework questions and answers for SECTION 3 in both English and French language
  6. Log of questions asked during the session

Please read the full description below for more details…



The session will be focusing on the “Examination for Architects in Canada” Section 3 topics including but not limited to:

Understand the principles of construction
Know construction materials and their properties
Understand construction processes
Evaluate material assemblies
Understand the components of construction documents
Understand the principles of writing a technical specification
Evaluate the components of the construction documents


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