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Provided in English & French*


SIMPLY ExAM is our signature workshop typically held over a span of 5-sessions. The workshop offers a step-by-step approach to exam preparation. Sessions are comprehensive to cover all ExAM sections. This workshop is ideal for Intern Architects seeking steady guidance in passing the exams. Lectures cover key exam objectives, approaches, and general answering strategies. Lectures are note-intensive, where students actively take notes similar to a traditional classroom environment. With this method, students can walk away with quantifiable education within a set of lecture notes based on a series of line items covering key ExAM objectives. This note-taking process promotes student classroom participation and aids in the memorization of content for exam preparation. Students are provided a Study Methodology with Syllabus, daily study routine, and homework. * French Subtitle along with English speaking for the Recorded Webinars. Handouts are Bilingual.








Hours of ExAM Preparation

The “Examination for Architects in Canada” has 4 separate sections, which is why we divided this awesome workshop into 5 days. One day for each section except section 2 on two days. Further home study and ExAM prep would be easier with a clear scope.



We provide with each SECTION a set of English and French handouts that summarize the learned content and provide a useful tool for the day before the exam.

Don’t underestimate them! they are written very carefully to assist the intern in organizing his/her thoughts.


Hour of Answering Questions
After Each Session

One of the hardest things about passing the “Examination for Architects in Canada” is not having any experienced Architect who may answer your questions while preparing to write the exam. We’ve dedicated this time to answer any questions you may have.


Days Recordings

Those who buy the live sessions will get access to the recordings so they can review them at their convenience, anywhere, anytime and from any device they wish to.

English speaking with French subtitles in HD video quality


Daily Homework

It is important to understand how to apply the knowledge you’ve learned every day so that you can leave with a tangible amount of Knowledge hence our questions will eliminate the fear of the exam.

Every SECTION comes with a set of questions and answers in both English and French language.


Year of Instant Access

For Those buying the recorded webinars through our website’s state-of-the-art platform.

No hidden fees, no more gimmicks!


Canadian Architects

SIMPLY ExAM webinars are authored & operated by licensed Canadian Architects, having over 30 years of experience in the architectural industry! Some of our teams’ designations include OAA, FRAIC, MRAIC, PMP, CP3P, LEED GA, AIA and more!


ExAC Tips & Tricks

Get a Focused step-by-step ExAC writing plan to make sure you nail it from the first try!


Carly F

I believe Simply Exam genuinely earns their 5 star rating due to the large quantity of information provided and practical insights of how to navigate and prioritize where to study. The insights from the two professors (both licensed architects) are useful for exam preparation as well as a career as an architect.

Maryam A

At first, I wasn’t sure about the webinars, but reading the description and talking to the program operators encouraged me to register.
From the first 1.5 hour period of the session, I was so happy that I’ve registered! Very informative session, and focused on ExAC key objectives.
At the end of the 5th day, I had a tangible amount of knowledge, and benefited from the fabulous presentation, an especially the instructor’s mindful tips for the exam! I would like to expand my sincere appreciation for finding SIMPLY ExAM and assisting us for a successful career.

Safa N

Excellent webinars! Summarized all my readings during the year and answered all my questions. They opened my eyes on so many topics that I’ve missed and for sure delivered what they promised.
They covered all ExAC key objectives and helped me understand some concepts that I didn’t deeply encounter in my office. I highly recommend them ?



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