Frequently asked questions

Are the courses endorsed by the ExAC Committee? 

The ExAC Committee does not endorse any preparation course or workshop for the ExAC. That said, our webinars and materials are aligned with the latest ExAC objectives. and we do not share any confidential information of the ExAC questions. 

Do you sell the courses materials only?

Currently we do not sell the workshop material separately as they are fundamentally connected with the class presentation, and would not be useful without attending.

Do you provide mock-up exams? 

At SIMPLY ExAM, our goal is to make learning an interactive and engaging experience for students. We achieve this by offering a variety of homework questions and quizzes designed to stimulate active participation and deepen understanding.
To further reinforce the learning process, we provide a comprehensive test at the end of each section, allowing students to practice and consolidate their knowledge of the subject matter

Are you registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities?

Our course is categorized as “Exam Preparation” according to the ministry and therefore requires no registration.

Are the handouts considered part of the ExAC references?

No, they aren't! Our handouts are specifically crafted as study notes and summaries to streamline your learning. They are not intended to serve as supplementary references, given the abundance of resources available. For a comprehensive list of references, please consult the website

Would the Course material be sufficient to pass the ExAC?

Our study materials are guidelines and study notes aligned with the ExAC key objectives. They help the student in organizing thoughts and very helpful for fast reading before the exam. That said, they are NOT enough to pass the ExAC and do not form part of its references, please refer to the ExAC website for a complete list of approved references.

Do I have to study other than what was discussed in the course?

Indeed, this Workshop won't encompass the entirety of architectural knowledge. To fully prepare, it's crucial to combine your personal practice experience with independent reading of the references listed on the ExAC website in your own time.

Should I start preparing for the ExAC before or after attending the webinars?

Here at SIMPLY ExAM, we suggest beginning your learning journey with our webinars. These webinars are crafted to give you a solid foundation in the subject matter to enhance your understanding and ensure a comprehensive grasp of the ExAC objectives. we also recommend concurrently delving into the relevant reference materials provided. This combined approach of interactive webinars and in-depth reading will equip you with a well-rounded comprehension of the topics at hand

Can I get a refund after registering?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refund upon enrolling. All registrations are final.

I can’t attend the webinars due to personal reasons; can I cancel my registration or be refunded?

Upon registration, your course access will be valid for one year. Please note that we are unable to provide refunds if you are unable to utilize the webinar materials within the one-year access period.

I’ve never opened the NBC, would you explain it all?

We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the NBC before you attend. The workshop will cover the following topics:
Explaining the structure and relationships within the code
Find your way in the code.
Imagine a building and apply code requirements.
A part 9 scenario
A part 3 scenario
Energy compliance

Who teaches the workshops?

Every year, we partner with senior licensed architects who have 20-30 years of Canadian architectural practice experience. Some of them are RAIC fellows, and some are members of the OAA council.

What are your passing rates?

Every year we conduct a follow-up anonymous survey to see who passed the ExAC and who didn’t from our students.
The following numbers are based on those who contacted us with their results:
2017- 96.5%
2018- 94.1%
2019- 95%
2021- 96%
2022- 95%
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