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ExAC Sections

Our webinars cover all ExAC sections according to the latest ExAC published objectives.

Highly Engaging Courses

Outstanding Webinar Lessons, Study Notes, Flash Cards & Quizzes. Tailored & aligned with every ExAC specific objective.

Supporting Community

Utilize our forums to connect with other interns, participate in study groups, and exchange knowledge.

100% Canadians

Our teachers are licensed senior architects with many years of experience.

1 Year Access

You'll have 1 year access to the course content from the day of registration.

Advanced LMS

State of the art Learning Module Solution that will take assist in course completion.
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Begin your success journey with our tailored SIMPLY ExAM Recorded Webinars for ExAC Preparation.

Section 1: Comprehensive coverage of Programming, Site and Environmental Analysis, Cost Management, Coordinating Engineering Systems, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Sustainability.

Section 2: Focus on Code Research (NBC 2015 Edition) and Energy Compliance for detailed insights into these subjects.

Section 3: Gain expertise in construction principles, materials, processes, material assemblies, construction documents, technical specification writing, Sustainable Design, and document evaluation.

Section 4: Prepare for practical aspects of the ExAC exam with Bidding, Contract Negotiations, Construction Phase – Office, Construction Phase – Site, and Project Management.

Access these resources conveniently, anywhere, to boost your ExAC exam readiness and gain a competitive edge. Don't miss out, start your path to excellence today!

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Aligned with ExAC Objectives: Our webinars are meticulously oriented to align with the specific objectives of the ExAC.
Comprehensive Coverage: We cover all essential topics for the ExAC
Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace with on-demand access, fitting your schedule perfectly.
Expert Instruction: Our dedicated instructors simplify complex concepts, making learning more accessible & efficient.
Increased Success: Gain a competitive edge in your ExAC preparation and boost your chances of success. 

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Learn from experts!

Our Canadian instructors are experts in their field, Licensed Architects with years of experience working on major projects around the world.


What our students say about us

Initially, I was hesitant about the webinars, but after registering, I was delighted. The first 1.5-hour session was highly informative and closely aligned with ExAC objectives. By the end of the course, I had gained substantial knowledge and valued the excellent presentation, particularly the instructor's exam tips. I'm sincerely grateful to SIMPLY ExAM for contributing to my career success.
Maryam A

Excellent webinars! Summarized all my readings during the year and answered all my questions. They opened my eyes on so many topics that I’ve missed and for sure delivered what they promised. They covered all ExAC key objectives and helped me understand some concepts that I didn’t deeply encounter in my office. I highly recommend them!

Safa N
I believe SIMPLY ExAM genuinely earns their 5 star rating due to the large quantity of information provided and practical insights of how to navigate and prioritize where to study. The insights from the two professors (both licensed architects) are useful for exam preparation as well as a career as an architect.
Carly F
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