ExAC 2023 Technical Statistical Report: Key Takeaways and Insights

May 28
The ExAC Committee has published its yearly statistical report about the ExAC results.
Discover key insights and trends from the ExAC 2023 Technical Statistical Report.
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Section-Wise Analysis

The ExAC is divided into four sections, each covering different aspects of architectural practice:

1.      Section 1: Programming, Site, and Environmental Analysis

·        Pass Rate: 85%

·        Key Focus Areas: Sustainability, site analysis, and programming were crucial. Candidates who excelled demonstrated strong analytical skills and a deep understanding of environmental considerations in architectural design.

2.      Section 2: Design and Construction Documents

·        Pass Rate: 78%

·        Key Focus Areas: Attention to detail in construction documents and a solid grasp of building codes and standards were vital. This section highlighted the importance of precision and accuracy in architectural documentation.

3.      Section 3: Building Systems, Materials, and Methods

·        Pass Rate: 82%

·        Key Focus Areas: Knowledge of building systems, innovative materials, and construction methods played a significant role. Candidates who stayed updated with the latest industry trends performed well.

4.      Section 4: Project Management and Contract Administration

·        Pass Rate: 80%

·        Key Focus Areas: Effective project management, understanding of contract administration, and risk management were essential. This section emphasized the importance of strong organizational and management skills in architecture.

Trends and Observations

The report highlights several trends and observations that can help future candidates prepare better:

·        Increased Focus on Sustainability: There is a growing emphasis on sustainable design and environmental considerations. Candidates are encouraged to deepen their knowledge in these areas.

·        Technological Integration: Proficiency in using advanced architectural software and tools is becoming increasingly important. Familiarity with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and other digital tools can give candidates an edge.

·        Holistic Understanding: A well-rounded understanding of all aspects of architecture, from design to project management, is crucial. Candidates should aim to develop a comprehensive skill set that spans all four sections of the ExAC.

Recommendations for Future Candidates

Based on the report's findings, here are some recommendations for future ExAC candidates:


1.      Comprehensive Study Plan: Develop a detailed study plan that covers all four sections of the ExAC. Allocate sufficient time for each section based on its weightage and your comfort level.

2.      Focus on Weak Areas: Identify and focus on areas where you feel less confident. Utilize resources such as study guides, webinars, and practice exams to strengthen these areas.

3.      Stay Updated: Keep abreast of the latest trends and advancements in architecture. Regularly read industry publications and participate in relevant webinars and workshops.

4.      Practice and Revision: Regular practice and revision are key. Make use of mock exams and practice questions to test your knowledge and improve your exam technique.


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