Jul 17

Five Reasons Why You Should Get Your Architecture Licence.

This article outlines five compelling reasons to obtain an architecture license, emphasizing professional recognition, increased earning potential, career advancement opportunities, navigating evolving regulations, and leaving a lasting impact in the field.

Are you one of those intern architects putting off getting your architecture license? Here’s why you should seriously consider forging ahead and getting that well deserved designation!

1. Claim the title! You have spent over 5 years pursuing your education coupled with lots of seminar and CE hours. Why wouldn’t you crown it with this achievement? Being a licensed architect means you are a professional designer who is liable to the public with rendered architectural services. Hence the title can’t be earned without a licence.

2. Earn more money! Yes, various resources (AIA, Glassdoor, etc) show that licensed architectural graduates are paid extra an average 15%-20% more per year when compared to interns with the same years of experience.

3. Advance your career! There are only a few positions that you can hold or buildings you can design when you are not licensed (i.e. designer, buildings under 3 storeys or 600 m2, etc.). Obtaining your licence opens up so many more doors for you to advance your career and to get involved in more challenging and exciting projects.

4. Regulations are getting tougher year after year. Hours of experience are increasing and associations are becoming more demanding of various project types and the cost to obtain a licence is increasing as well. Every year brings new, more challenging criteria.

5. “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” Winston Churchill. Most of city departments nowadays mandate developer to add a plaque with the Architect of Record name is noted to the public. This is your proud footprint in the society that will remain as long the building is in service. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this honour.

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