By submitting the form at the end of this page, customers are accepting SIMPLY ExAM Terms & Conditions. Please read these carefully before submitting. Customer payment for the workshop serves as an electronic signature to SIMPLY ExAM Policies stated herein.

Violation of these policies may result in being dropped from the workshop. Policies are subject to change without notice prior to registration. All policy administration issues are processed through SIMPLY ExAM headquarter in Richmond Hill, Ontario. All policy related requests should be emailed to

This agreement is between customer or attendee ‘Student' and SIMPLY ExAM Inc ‘SIMPLY ExAM’ for enrollment 'Registration' of nontangible services or tangible goods.

All terms and conditions below apply to both "in-Class" and "Webinar" platform unless noted otherwise.

Registration or Enrollment

  1. Your payment receipt is proof of your registration, please bring this to each session (in-class attendees only)

  2. You must make full payment prior to attending any SIMPLY ExAM sessions. Partial payment or promise to pay is not acceptable.

  3. Fees do NOT include out-of-class services including but not limited to: instructor mentoring, response to emails, private tutoring, document download, duplicate handouts, textbooks not included otherwise, or any other requests for services out-of-class.

  4. Power to laptops MAYBE provided as a courtesy ONLY and not part of session registration. And is not guaranteed to all attendees.

  5. ALL requests for special discounts or rebates must be approved prior to payment and registration

  6. If you somehow attend a session without payment, you will be invoiced for the session and obliged to pay.

  7. Submitting your consent on-line (located here) is required prior to arrival at the session. Please DO NOT show up to a session or login to the webinars without submitting your consent, there may not be a seat or handout for you, you may also be asked to leave or denied entry.

  8. Students are granted one seat in each registered session. Family members, minors or companions, pets, or other individuals not qualifying as student candidates are not permitted in class.

  9. Registrations cannot be split between several persons. The same person must attend the entire registration duration.

  10. Accessibility accommodation can be provided upon special request at registration time only free of charge.

Cancellation Policy

  1. ALL registration cancellation requests must be made by email 30 DAYS prior to SECTION 1 session regardless if the student has registered for it or not

  2. Discount and/or refund is not offered for partial attendance or missed sessions

  3. Any refund is subjected to 25% of the receipt value as an administration fee

  4. There is no refund due to a last-minute emergency or cancellation on the class date or after the class date regardless of attendance, after receiving class handouts, early departure from class, or late arrival to class.

  5. SIMPLY ExAM does not guarantee to pass the ExAC. Refunds for the failure of exams after sessions are not provided.

  6. A charge-back or conversion claim after receiving tangible goods and non-tangible services may be subject to legal action or claim on a credit report.

  7. No refund on purchases made toward previous sessions recordings.

Class Cancellation Policy

  1. SIMPLY ExAM holds the right to cancel or reschedule any class due to low registration, instructor emergency, or other unforeseeable events.

  2. Students should provide accurate email and cell phone number at the time of registration so you can be reached in the rare event of last-minute class delays.

  3. Students should check email and website for session updates prior to travel to class.

  4. Canceled classes are automatically fully refunded back to the student payment method

  5. SIMPLY ExAM is not responsible for personnel expenses such as costs of travel, hotel, scheduling conflicts, or other personal issues caused by session cancellations.

Syllabus Policy

  1. Every registered student will receive only one hard copy of each Section Guideline as part of class registration. Duplicate syllabus or multiple copies are not provided regardless of the reason. Online attendees will receive a PDF copy only.

  2. The syllabus is not provided prior to class for any reason regardless of registration.

  3. Your signature of attendance (or webinar login) confirms receipt of handouts.

  4. SIMPLY ExAM does not email or mail handouts and/or syllabus for missed class days regardless of registration.

  5. Syllabi are provided as a supplement to the lecture and are considered a lecture companion or outline of topics to help prepare for an individual exam section. Students are expected to take personal notes during the lecture to reinforce the information delivered by the instructor. Syllabi are not considered reading material or a replacement for lecture or textbooks recommended for the session. All students should refer to the Examination for Architects in Canada's website for "ExAC" related info

  6. This workshop is organized by SIMPLY ExAM. Neither the workshop nor the content of the course, have been reviewed or endorsed by the CExAC (Committee for the Examination for Architects in Canada). There are no approved study programs for the ExAC.

Nondisclosure Policy

  1. SIMPLY ExAM educational standards, tutoring content, lecture content, syllabus, student work, downloadable documents, and session assignments are confidential and the sole copyright of SIMPLY ExAM.

  2. Students are prohibited from selling, displaying in-office library, sharing, distribution, plagiarism, posting, duplication of SIMPLY ExAM confidential documents in part or whole to any persons or entities.

  3. Photographs, screenshots, audio, and video recording of session content is strictly prohibited. Violators will be dismissed from class without warning. And subject to allegation for copyright violation.

  4. SIMPLY ExAM reserves the right to record any session using any medium for student attendance verification or advertising purposes. If you do not wish to appear in any media please notify us and you will be removed from the photos or records

  5. This nondisclosure clause shall be binding irrespective of the duration of the Student agreement with SIMPLY ExAM. Student nondisclosure obligations shall survive the termination of the Student agreement irrespective of the reason for termination.

  6. Students must not distribute SIMPLY ExAM material to persons associated with any education entity that might be considered a competitor to SIMPLY ExAM.

  7. Every account allows one student ONLY to attend SIMPLY ExAM webinars.

Claims or Dispute Resolution Policy


  1. By submitting your consent online, students agree not to hold SIMPLY ExAM liable for personal property, injury, expenses, and schedules in relation to class attendance or registration.

  2. SIMPLY ExAM is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items in relation to class attendance or registration.

  3. It is the attendee’s responsibility to secure personal laptops, bags, class notes, handouts, etc.

  4. SIMPLY ExAM is not responsible for securing or safeguarding items left in class.

  5. SIMPLY ExAM is not responsible for personal injury while attending or in relation to our classes.

  6. Student live signature prior to class entry serves as legal proof of receipt of non-tangible services

  7. Although all attempts are made to present accurate content in class, from time to time errors in instruction may occur by individual instructors as part of class registration.

  8. SIMPLY ExAM instructors, consultants, teaching assistants, representatives, or agents are indemnified against claims filed against the company.

  9. SIMPLY ExAM offers exam preparation through instruction, tutoring, study, experience, and general reading. We do not guarantee a passing result on any ExAC section with our services. Out-of-class preparation time is required by all attendees to sufficiently prepare to take the "Examination for Architects in Canada".

Privacy Policy

  1. SIMPLY ExAM do not share student personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of SIMPLY ExAM.

Conduct Policy

  1. SIMPLY ExAM reserves the right to refuse service or products to anyone.

  2. We expect professional behavior both in and out of class from our students towards other students and instructors. noncompliance will be asked to leave the class and may be subject to harassment and human right violation

  3. SIMPLY ExAM and its instructors reserve the right to dismiss or cancel current/future registration for those exhibiting disruptive behavior on phone, email, in class, or any other communication medium.

  4. Violation of this policy also prohibits access to SIMPLY ExAM out of class services including but not limited to: instructor mentoring, response to emails, document download, duplicate handouts, textbooks, or any other requests for services out-of-class.

  5. Disruptive behavior during class consists of but is not limited to yelling, swearing, slamming the table, anger, argumentative behavior, continuous lecture interruptions, continuous debates, private conversations, cell phone use, rudeness, threats or anything else the instructor deems disruptive to the learning environment.

  6. Dismissed students do not qualify for a refund for that class day for holding a seat, receiving a hard copy of the syllabus, and partial lecture. And subject to dismissal for any future sessions without refund.

  7. It is the student's responsibility to carry a receipt as proof of registration. Any display of anger for failing to provide proof of payment will result in dismissal from class indefinitely.


  1. The purchase of webinar attendance is for use by the purchaser only and registration information should not be forwarded on to third parties; doing so may hinder your own access, as webinar entry is by prior registration only. Similarly, the materials and replay of webinars are for use by the purchaser only and should not be forwarded and/or shared with third parties. Responsibility for the confidentiality and security of webinar registration information and event materials issued by SIMPLY ExAM lies with the registrant. If you believe that a third party has obtained details in an unauthorized manner, please promptly notify us via email at

  2. SIMPLY ExAM reserves the right to provoke access to the webinars and/or recordings if suspicious IP activities occured by any purchaser caused by sharing the access to third parties.

  3. 2019 recorded webinars are offered at a discounted price and cannot be combined with other discounts.

  4. 2019 recorded webinars are not refundable with no exceptions.

  5. 2019 recorded webinars could be accessed for a one (1) calendar year for the date of purchase.